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Today we have an important announcement for those living in Tarrant County wishing to start HRT..

AOC has contracted with a nurse practitioner who will be providing HRT.
Starting in June, the HRT clinic will be the first and third Saturday of every month from 10am to 2pm.  
When clients call for an initial appointment, they will be given an appointment to come by the office to have their lab work as well as their first appointment with the nurse practitioner.  
They are able to do the blood work for the labs during the week.  The schedule will vary based on the availability of our medical assistant but no one should have to wait more than two days to come in for labs. 
"We are ready to start taking appointments and you are welcome to share the phone number as of today (469-310-4500).  There is no cost for the appointments or the lab work.  The only cost to clients will be the HRT itself.  Starting in June, we will also have a counselor available.  We are still working out the details on how we will structure that assistance.  Meeting the counselor is optional.  She will not be a gatekeeper for whether or not someone receives HRT, just a resource for those who express a need."
"When asked to make sure that HIV- persons could visit the clinic and to see if there were any geographic restrictions (like having to be a Tarrant County resident). She said open to all and no geographic restrictions. Here's her response:
 "You are correct, they do not need to be living with HIV to receive HRT services.  We did hold the first appointments for our current clients because we wanted to assist in removing barriers to their HIV treatment but it is open to anyone.  There is no geographic restriction for any of the wellness programs."


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